Pre-Paid Time
  • Get the special Pre-Pay Discount instead of the normal $75/rate you save $20/hour by purchasing a (4) hour block of time
  • (total purchase $220.00).
Malwarebytes | Cybersecurity Protection Against All Threats
  • Monthly Subscription to Managed Cybersecurity Protection. The benefit to a Managed subscription is the default premium subscription will remove threats and ransomware but it won’t fix the damage they caused. With a Managed Solution the threats are removed and your files are restored prior to the infection/attack.

Remote Support
  • Is your computer running slow or having various issues?
  • Can you access the internet on it?
  • If so, remote support from GEFNET could get you back up and running fast.
  • Remote Support can help with computer issues including virus and malware cleanup, printer issues, software configuration, email issues, and many others.
  • What sort of issues can be resolved remotely?
  • Virus and malware cleanup
  • Changing computer settings and display
  • Password changes
  • Email issues and settings changes
  • Some printing issues
  • Facebook and social media settings
  • Internet browser preferences
  • Have another problem you’d like to solve remotely?
  • If you can access the internet, we can provide remote service.
  • Our remote process is safe and secure.
Unlimited Cloud Backup
  • Protect your Data Save it to the Cloud! Have you backed up your computer lately? Set it and forget it with Carbonite! You get unlimited space for 1 low annual price!
  • Setup and Configuration included! (Limited to 15 min via Remote Support)
  • Think if your computer crashed tomorrow what would you lose?

  • Per Month for 2 Years
  • + 3 months FREE
  • Secure, high-speed VPN
  • Malware protection
  • Tracker and ad blocker
eBook: Methodology of Password Creation