Drivesavers data recovery

DriveSavers Virtual Tour

Recovering all your data fast is our top priority because your data matters. Watch the video for a virtual tour of DriveSavers and their state-of-the-art Class 100 cleanroom. you’ll see how the process works. Find out why GEFNET chose the worldwide leader in professional data recovery to restore your data and peace of mind so you can rest easy!

Have you lost access to your personal or confidential data? Through a special agreement with DriveSavers, GEFNET can provide you with a fast, reliable and secure solution to your data loss problem at a special discounted price.

DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc., the worldwide leader in professional data recovery service, has been recovering data and peace of mind since 1985. All leading storage device manufacturers recommend DriveSavers – their work will not void the original warranty on your data storage device.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, Book an appointment or send a message and bring the computer, phone or other storage device into the office, I can handle certain data recovery problems locally, but if it requires a more advanced service, we can get a free estimate and have it sent into the certified cleanroom. If there is no data recovered there is no fee.

You can also call 217-960-4335 or text to get started.

Want some Data Protection Tips so that you don’t have to worry about needing data recovery in the future?

  1. Backup
  2. Invest in a backup strategy
  3. Verify your backed up data
  4. Purchase an uninterruptible power supply
  5. Only shut off external drives after shutting down the computer
  6. Get an antivirus/malware security protection program.
  7. Do not move a drive that is powered on.
  8. Give your devices space to operate
  9. Don’t turn on devices unless they are at room temperature
  10. Listen to your devices if it sounds off, turn it off

Check out detailed Data Protection Tips where I go into detail for each tip. [Click Here]